I like to sleep. a lot.

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Anonymous asked: what are you tryna say exactly with you "Lupita livin in a J Law world"


If you’re referring to my tweet - it basically just means that while Lupita and Jennifer are both incredibly talented actresses - Lawrence will continue to get leading role after leading role and will probably play leading lady in several movies in one year and Lupita will get a leading role…umm…well…once every 5 years maybe…if we’re going by Hollywood’s track record. 

Basically “a Lupita Nyongo girl living in a Jennifer Lawrence world” is a woman of color living in a world where it’s nearly impossible for her to acquire the same level of success as a white woman despite being equally talented.

But I feel like society is changing and while I know Hollywood will still be partial to white actors and will continue to cast white actors as “default” I hope Lupita can achieve success in the thousands and thousands of endorsement deals she gets for being the classiest woman in Hollywood because lets be honest, right now it’s her and Angelina Jolie and everyone else is a commoner.

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What is ‘African themed’?

Ivorian? Zulu? Ashanti? Wolof? Yoruba? Cape Verdean? Zambian? Igbo? Egyptian? African cultures of the diaspora or the cultures of people with African heritage across the globe? Maasai? Swazi? Eritrean? Zimbabwean? Malagasy? Angolan?

Oh you mean like a safari? Oh right.

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Anonymous asked: don't take this the wrong way but you're not like most Muslims. It's a compliment you're not like the ones on tv or the ones at my school. You're more westernized and also you're cute and hilarious ;)


one time in the fifth grade my friend Adam and I were headed to the playground and he was like Haroun you have no aim and I was like shut up yeah I do and he was like you throw like a girl and he threw mulch at me and I don’t know why but i chased him around the playground and threw a rock at his face and yeah turns out he was Jewish which I didn’t know when I threw the rock at his face and lol I’ll never forget my parents yelling at me that night at home telling me that I’m a Muslim and if I pick up a rock again the FBI is gonna send me to Guantanamo Bay and so yeah I haven’t picked up a rock since but anyways what im trying to say is fuck you this isn’t a compliment at all and you can keep your winky face

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desi parents should be awarded for being the most sarcastic.

me:  spills water
mum: shabash beta shabash aur karo 

i think desi parents have raised kids who understand sarcasm at unspeakable levels, like i knew what sarcasm was before i could pronounce it 

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SO dublin minors won the all ireland football this week (don’t worry if u don’t understand its just a sideline)

and they were all out celebrating

and they found daniel radcliffe in dublin at 4am and invited him to a house party with them

and he…went with them





How to celebrity; A book by Daniel Radcliffe

He looks like a dwarf next to them

our boy is lookin rough though, dang.

though I guess it WAS 4am…

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